The main project of CPN is the Plastic Free Pacific campaign - a project, working towards the practical cleanup of the plastic, collected in the pacific gyres.

We plan to do this, via trawlers and a bulk carrier, simply catching and removing the plastic in the ocean.

With just 20 boats, we could clean up the entire Great Pacific Garbage patch, in approximatley 10 years!

There are many beneftits of this approach:

  • Reliable - Able to effectivley remove the plastic, at a fast rate
  • Effecient - The nets used can catch a wide range of plastic sizes, even picking up small (>2mm) pieces!
  • Adaptible - With crews out on the boats, the system is adaptible, and can thus avoid natural events, like planktom blooms, or jellyfish clusters.
  • Safe - By using Saftey Nets, the project can avoid catching any wildlife or damaging the ecosystem - while removing the damaging plastic.